Why Does My Cat Rub His Face on My Face? – ANSWERS HERE!

Does your cat rub their face against yours and you don’t understand why? You should know that rubbing their face against yours is a natural behavior of the feline species which is performed for various reasons. The action of rubbing their face in this way has a lot to do with territory, trust and family. If your cat rubs against you, whether against your face or legs, it is part of identifying you. How they do this has a lot to do with their physical makeup, their instinctual behavior and also how they feel about you. To know more about why your cat rubs their face against yours, keep watching. If you want to find out more about feline body language, check out this article:

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[Music] Does your cat rub their face on you you Don’t know why cats could be a mystery To their human companions they sleep Forever emit curious noises and do often Inexplicable things such as head-butting You for seemingly no reason to better Help you understand their behavior Analyze experience while your cat rubs Our face on you [Music] For cats two of the biggest Preoccupations are territoriality and Identifying those who live within this Territory If your cat rubs our body against your Legs what they are doing is spreading Their scent and identifying you use the Road by E a close member of example but What happens when they rub their face Against yours the answer is something Similar Cats have glands in their faces Responsible for releasing pheromones but These pheromones mark territory Recognize trusted individuals and Provide security at home for what are Pheromones pheromones are chemical Substances that transmit a message from One animal to another of the same Species these chemicals are usually Found in natural secretions of the Feline bodies such as urine or sweat They are detected through the

Vomeronasal organ which is found in the Mice at the end of the hard palate for This reason it’s normal to see cats Smelling with their minds over Thus pheromones emit an odor which Felines inhale to process information From the other individual the Information they receive includes the Sex of the animal what it is eaten Whether it is in heat or even its state Of mind there are different types of Pheromones those released by the Perineal glands such as urine or other Secretions of the genitals have a sexual And territorial function they serve to Indicate a cat as in heat and marking Its territory pheromones released by Glands of the cat’s paw pads are used to Mark territory which is one of the Reasons they scratch furniture in the Finally pheromones released three parts The face such as lips and cheeks are Used to mark territory but also to Improve the mood of the cat indicate an Environment to sit or identify an Individual as part of the family this Type of marking creates a common boom if Yes feel lucky when your cat repeatedly Rubs their head against you they are not Only marking you for conveying a state Of comfort and Trust if you can’t give You short little head buts It’s a for recruiting and they are happy To see respond to this gesture by

Petting their head so they understand You feel the same way now you know the Reason why your cat repeatedly rubs her Head against you is because they trust You let them do it as it is very Positive for their well-being it was Like if you enjoyed this video subscribe For more to come and we’ll see you next Time [Music]

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