Why Does My CAT SLEEP All the Time? πŸ±πŸ’€ Is It NORMAL?

🐾 🐈 Do you think your cat sleeps too much? Do you wonder if it is normal? In this AnimalWised video we solve all your doubts about the sleep cycle of felines. Find out why your cat sleeps so much, whether a kitten, adult or senior.


How Much Do Cats Sleep Per Day? 🐱 – Kittens, Adults and Seniors πŸ‘‰
Where Should My CAT SLEEP? πŸ±πŸ’€ Find Out! πŸ‘‰

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[Music] Do you think your cat sleeps too much do You wonder if it’s normal In this animal-wise video we explain Everything you need to know about Sleeping cats So you can better understand the rest Needs of your feline companion Is it normal for a cat to sleep a lot Yes it’s normal Wild cats are predators and domestic Cats retain some of their behaviors They are animals that are anatomically And physiologically designed for hunting Wild cats sleep after hunting their prey This is due to the high amount of energy And calories expended in the process Our domestic cats do the same but Instead of hunting small prey They usually spend their energy playing With their guardians chasing toys and More This causes them a rush of adrenaline Which tires them out and they need to Sleep It’s often said that cats are nocturnal Animals that they sleep during the day And are awake at night But this is not entirely true the Highest peak of feline activity is at Dusk and dawn In the wild at these times their prey Are more active and visible Therefore cats are twilight animals and

Are not strictly nocturnal Since your cat will spend so much time Sleeping it’s important that you provide A proper resting place Find out where a cat should sleep in the Video we share here Why do kittens sleep so much during Their first weeks of life newborn cats Need to sleep longer than adults Being able to sleep up to 20 hours a day This is partly because they release a Growth hormone during sleep It is during sleep they grow and develop Also while they sleep the information Learned while they have been awake is Consolidated It’s essential we respect their dreams When they reach four or five weeks of Life The amount they sleep decreases at this Moment they begin to have the sleeping Hours of an adult cat This is because their curiosity Increases they begin to investigate Their environment Their desire to play begins and they Expend more energy Their senses of sight and hearing are Already well developed some baby teeth Have fallen out And weaning begins What is the sleep cycle of adult cats When they sleep Cats alternate phases of light and deep

Sleep seventy percent of their sleep is Light These are short periods of a few minutes Known as cat naps they are usually done Half lying down with their ears elevated To easily perceive stimuli This is because in addition to being Predators felines are prey to other Animals For this reason their nature makes them Alert to possible danger It’s in their genetics after about 30 Minutes of light sleep They enter the deep phase of sleep known As rem This is the remaining percentage of Total sleep during this phase Cats have semi-conscious dreams just Like people this is because they keep Their senses alert and their brain Activity is similar to when they are Awake It’s common for a cat to move their eyes Rapidly while sleeping Also their paws their ears twitch and They may even vocalize or change posture Do you want to know how many hours a cat Sleeps in the day find out in the video That we share here Tell us about your cat sleeping habits In the comments and we’ll see you next Time You

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