Why Does My CAT Steal My Other CAT’s FOOD? 🐱 (Causes and Solutions)

🐈 Does one of your cats eat the other cat’s food? In this AnimalWised video about feline behavior we explain why your cat steals another cat’s food and what you can do to solve this problem.


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[Music] When several cats live in the same home It’s not uncommon for one to eat Another’s food In this animal-wise video we explain the Most common reasons for this behavior And what you can do to stop it Their food is different cats need food Specific to the nutritional needs For this reason it’s common for a cat to Steal another’s food Simply because they think it’s tasty or It’s something different for them to try Often special diets can be tastier and Have more refined flavors that the other Cat can’t resist They have too much food if you feed your Cats too much in general and one cat Eats the food of another it’s possible One will end up eating too much In this case you’ll notice the cat soon Becomes overweight and they may even Become obese Other symptoms might appear such as Anxious eating or vomiting after they’ve Just eaten This can happen if the cat is stressed Bored or sick They are ranked differently in the Hierarchy if the cats involved in the Food poaching are otherwise healthy It’s possible an issue to do with feline Hierarchy is involved This is a complex system which varies

According to many factors The arrival of a new cat being a common Example in these cases One cat is ranked higher than the other And they demonstrate this by eating Whatever food they like Check out this related video to find out All you need to know about welcoming a New cat They have less food than they need too Little food is also a problem When a cat is given an insufficient Amount of food it’s normal for another Cat Especially a higher right one to steal In others they will eventually become Thin and weak They do not have a good relationship if They don’t get along And generally compete for territory and Resources the weakest cat will end up Eating the least This happens when cats share everything So it’s important that each cat has Their own basic care needs Find out more about cats getting along Together in this video to end this Situation we provide the following tips Establish a routine and separate Resources cats prefer to eat several Times a day Therefore you must identify the amount Of food they need according to their age Health and activity levels

Portioning it out regularly set a Schedule and be strict with it It’s also important to provide each cat With their own food and water dishes Regardless if they get along or not Offer the same food If the reason the food is stolen is due To one following a special diet See if they can both eat this option we Will need to consult a veterinarian Before we do this In general if one eats neutered grain Free or hypoallergenic cat food You can offer it to them both if the Special diet is due to treating a Disease or disorder It may not be suitable feed them in Separate rooms When two cats don’t get on it’s Difficult for them to eat in peace in The same room It’s best to feed them in separate rooms And even close the doors if necessary If there is a hierarchy between them It’s advisable to feed the cat with a Higher social rank first To avoid them feeling the need to take Food from the other Use a programmable feeder today there Are feeders that can be programmed to Fill the bowl automatically There are even some that by using a chip That is placed on the cat’s collar Fill the ball when the animal approaches

Of course this option is more expensive And doesn’t usually solve the problem When cats do not get along Or one of them needs to follow a special Diet finally if an adult cat and a Kitten share the home It’s important you control their food Well both adults and kittens must Receive a diet appropriate to their age To do this make sure that both cats have Two feeders and that neither steals the Other’s food If you have any experience with this Problem let us know about it in the Comments And we’ll see you next time

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