Why Does My DOG BITE other DOGS? (7 Reasons) 🐢⚠️

πŸ• Does your dog attack other dogs on the street during their walk? In this AnimalWised video, we explain the 7 possible reasons why a dog bites other dogs when playing, on the street or in dog parks. Remember that the first step before intervening is to be able to recognize the cause of the behavior in order to prevent it and work on it if necessary.


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[Music] There are many reasons why one dog may Attack another in order to prevent this Behavior happening again in the future It’s essential we recognize the Underlying cause of such aggression We provide these causes and more in this Animal-wised video [Music] Play behavior dogs play with each other By chasing and biting although they have No intention of causing harm play Behavior that is too abrupt or Excessively agitated can cause one of The dogs to injure the other if any Injury does occur it will be minor and The affected dog will most likely Complain or stop playing immediately [Music] Fear or insecurity one of the most Frequent reasons why a dog bites another Dog is due to fear or insecurity in Their presence the probability of the Attack occurring increases if the dog in Question is on a leash does not know how To communicate effectively or is unable To leave the situation that generates Such stress This most commonly happens in animals That have not been properly socialized That have lived through traumatic Experiences or that have been educated Through punishment In our first info video above we explain

The consequences of punishing a dog Resource protection this type of Aggression occurs when two or more dogs Want to access a certain resource they See as both valuable and limited this Could be a piece of meat a treat or a Toy If the animals are unable to communicate Effectively and establish a healthy Dynamic they may fight with each other Communication problems Dogs have a very broad language of their Own that includes facial expressions Body postures and sounds Well socialized animals living in Favourable environments know how to use These signals appropriately using them Both with other dogs and with us If an animal is uncomfortable in the Presence of another individual they will Indicate through this language to move Away or to stop the behavior if said Individual does not understand the Signals the dog will have no choice but To bite to make themselves understood Self-reinforcing this behavior Find out everything about canine Language in the next info video we share [Music] Aggressiveness due to organic causes Whether due to disease pain or even Genetic inheritance aggression in dogs Can manifest from their physical Organism

It’s vital we take the dog to a Veterinarian for assessment in case Their fighting has a pathological cause Which needs treatment Territoriality Some dogs only display disruptive Behavior when another animal enters Their home the defense of territory and Their social group is a characteristic Of some individuals its extent is Determined by several factors such as Their genetics or their education Intrasexual aggressiveness In intrasexual aggression the dog Attacks only other individuals of the Same sex this type of aggressiveness is Observed more frequently among adult Males than among females although it can Appear in both sexes if you want to Continue learning about dog behavior Don’t miss the playlist we share here Tell us your experience with the dog Biting another dog by leaving a comment Below and we’ll see you next time You

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