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๐Ÿ•๐Ÿˆ Do you think your dog hates cats? In this AnimalWised video, we explain the 3 reasons why a dog can hate a cat. Find out why your dog barks, chases or attacks cats!


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[Music] The common idiom finding like cats and Dogs exists for a reason it’s common to See dogs chasing after cats growling When they’re near or getting excessively Excited in their presence it’s equally True that some cats and dogs can be the Best of friends and live very peaceably Together animalwise explains why dogs Hate cats and what we can do to help Them get along [Music] Have never socialized with cats or are Not used to them It’s natural for a dog to be wary of the Unknown if a dog has never had contact With the cat during their socialization Period or have never been through a Process of habituation to their presence It’s common to react disproportionately When they encounter a cat Their actions may be due to curiosity When meeting an animal they’re not used To however it can also elicit feelings Of fear and insecurity in the face of The unknown Not all dogs will express such fear in The same way Some freeze and become rigid others try To run and hide quite a few will bark Growl or even chase the potential threat Trying to drive them away in the process They had a bad experience when Interacting with cats even if a dog has

Some experience with cats it doesn’t Mean it was a positive one it’s possible It could have been traumatic or Unpleasant some dogs may be naturally Confident or more accustomed to the Presence of cats leading them to Approach the cat in an invasive way may Be sniffing or trying to play with them In the process if the cat in question Feels threatened they may attack the dog With their claws or teeth scaring them Or causing injury as a consequence of This the dog may from then on associate The presence of cats with their negative Experiences and react accordingly this Could be driving them away or becoming Aggressive take a look at our comparison Of dogs and cats in the first info video Above [Music] Have a strong hunting or prey instinct All dogs regardless of breed have a Certain level of hunting instinct they Are carnivorous animals with a common Ancestor in the wolf This hunting instinct is associated with Various behaviors when they spot Potential prey they perform the same Routine by searching for them stalking Them pursuing them and then attacking Selective breeding over the years has Enhanced and refined these instincts in Certain breeds the result is that some Dogs have an extremely acute sense of

Smell specialized for tracking others May show quick aptitude for stalking Behavior and some may be very fast Sprinters who can catch up to small Animals with ease Genetics is also an important issue to Take into account if your dog has a Tendency to chase cats if your dog Actively and often brutally chases cats It’s likely genetics will be a Determining factor in this case check Out the next info video in which we Teach you how to introduce a dog and a Cat How to make my dog not hate cats In order to modify a dog’s behavior the First thing you need to do is identify Its cause In doing so we can understand their Emotion behind their behavior and learn To qualify it even in cases when the Dog’s behavior is influenced by genetics There are exercises you can put into Practice which help them to increase Their tolerance towards felines we Recommend you seek the advice of a Professional canine ethologist or Educator who can implement the right Course of action after studying your Specific case If you want to continue learning about Dog behavior don’t miss the playlist we Share here does your dog have a history With cats let us know by leaving a

Comment and we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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