Why Does My DOG LICK ME? πŸΆπŸ‘… (Face, Feet, Hand and Ear Licking)

πŸΆπŸ‘…πŸ‘© Do you want to know why your dog licks you so much? Dogs love to lick certain areas of their human companions, but why? In this AnimalWised video we explain why dogs lick our face, mouth, feet, hands and ears. Do not miss it!


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[Music] Does your dog like to lick Have you ever wondered why they do it so Much in this animal-wise video We solve any doubts about why dogs like Licking and why they lick our face Mouth feet hands and ears in particular [Music] Why do dogs lick your face dogs lick our Face as a display of the love And affection they feel towards humans This behavior is considered affiliative Behavior which certain animals carry out To strengthen the bond they have with Others This is why it’s common for dogs to lick Your face when you get home as a Greeting They are happy to see you and want to Welcome you in style There are a few better welcomes in the World [Music] Why do dogs lick our mouths one reason a Puppy will lick your mouth is because They are hungry and want you to give Them food This is an instinctive behavior seen Most commonly with puppies when being Weaned onto solid food The purpose of this lick is to ask their Mother to regurgitate some food for them When adult dogs lick your mouth it has Several meanings and it can be a sign of

Affection as above Or simply as a way to get our attention Or even wake us up in the morning Dogs may also lick our mouth as a Calming signal when they are stressed or Overwhelmed Asking us to chill if they are licking Us because they feel uncomfortable We need to identify the cause of the Stress and avoid it especially If it is due to our own behavior Why do dogs lick feet there are Different reasons why dogs lick feet In most cases it’s due to the smell they Give off sweating expels salts that dogs Find irresistible Even if it seems unappealing to us they Can also lick our feet to initiate play As a way to investigate new smells Or simply to get our attention [Music] Why do dogs lick our hands this behavior Is related to their curiosity Dogs love to explore and learn about the World around them including the humans That enter their environment Our hands can reveal a lot about what we Do during the day the places we have Been And the things we have touched when your Dog licks you they can taste evidence of These activities In this way the dog tries to know a Little more about your routine

Also as in the previous case they may Simply be investigating a certain odor [Music] Why do dogs lick our ears our ears are One of the most enticing body parts to Dogs They lick the ears of humans and other Dogs often this behavior is usually due To one of three reasons The first issue is hygiene dogs lick Each other’s ears as a hygiene measure And they may try to do the same with you It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dirty For dogs it is only a way to prevent Waxy build up so this gesture is Intended to help you Secondly even if it sounds unpleasant Dogs may be licking your ears because They like to taste Remember that our canine friends know The world through their senses of smell And taste For this reason it’s not surprising they Like to lick us constantly Lastly they may be doing it to show you Affection as with the face your dog can Also lick your ears as a way of Expressing their love for you If you stop to think carefully when your Faithful friend does this You respond to them with pampering and Caressing which prompts them to continue Licking you But this is not the only way dogs show

Their love discover in the video we Share here 10 signs you are your dog’s favorite Person Do you have any funny stories about your Dog share in the comments if so And we’ll see you next time You

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