Why Does My DOG LICK My FACE? ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿง‘๐Ÿป (5 Reasons)

๐Ÿถ Many of us will have no problem letting our dog lick our face, but sometimes the impulse behind this behavior is poorly understood. At AnimalWised, we ask why does my DOG LICK my FACE? We look at the common reasons behind this behavior and how we should interpret it.


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How we react to a dog licking our face Usually depends on our own approach to Personal hygiene but all of us need to Know the reasons why they do this Something you can learn with animal wise Because they love you the main reason Dogs lick your face is affection this Behavior is inherent in their nature and Can be traced back to the behavior of Wolves when adult wolves hunt for food They often cover large distances to find Prey once they successfully catch their Prey they will consume as much food as Possible this Behavior allows them to Return to the den and feed their pups The pups stimulate regurgitation by Licking the nose of the adult wolves Feeding on the prey stored within their Stomach when we apply this Behavior to Domestic dogs we can interpret face Licking as a demonstration of respect Affection and submission this is because You are their main reference as a Provider of food resources and other Forms of basic care this helps to make You their favorite person To get your attention licking is Something dogs will often do to get our Attention this is partly because they Know it's something we will find Difficult to ignore in the majority of Cases the dog will be licking to ask for Some of their basic needs in terms of Health and well-being these include food

Water exercise play and even just Company it is possible your dog may have A problem and wants your attention to Address it in these cases if you Identify signs of pain or illness you Should take the dog to a veterinarian Immediately if if you like animal wise Remember that a super thanks can help us Continue creating the content you enjoy To calm down licking is also one of the Main calming signals our dogs use in Countless situations where they Experience discomfort fear anxiety or Distress dogs use it to communicate Among themselves but also with other Animals and people they generally do so With the purpose of ameliorating a Situation they understand to be Unfavorable or even potentially Dangerous this can happen if the dog has A dispute with another dog or even their Guardian Guardians can even misinterpret Calming signals like licking as Encouragement then really the dog is Trying to get them to stop something That is causing stress or discomfort Discover how to better understand your Dog in the first info video we share Above Due to stress there are many sources of Stress that can alter a dog's behavior These can include sudden changes in Their environment or routine frequent Exposure to stressful stimuli a poorly

Enriched environment a sedentary Lifestyle with insufficient exercise and Even health problems it's important you Know how to recognize the main symptoms Of stress in dogs if our dog keeps Licking our face look at the rest of Their behaviors in context if we think Our dog is stressed we should consult a Vet to rule out a pathological cause we Should then evaluate their lifestyle to Determine any stressors and improve Where we can learn how to make such Improvements with environmental Enrichment by watching the next info Video Due to trauma or phobias although they Are different disorders that manifest Through different symptoms in both cases We can see the development of Stereotypes these are incessant or Obsessive repetitions of certain Behaviors otherwise inherent to dogs These can include pawing or licking Their Guardians if you recently adopted A dog and noticed these patterns of Obsessive Behavior it is possible your Dog has been the victim of physical or Emotional abuse it is also possibly due To other issues such as per Socialization chronic stress prolonged Confinement or lack of physical and Mental stimulation in these cases it's Best to speak to a veterinarian who's an Expert in canine ethology to overcome

The dog's insecurity regain their Confidence and learn to express Themselves through healthy behaviors If you want to continue learning about Dog behavior don't miss the playlist We Share here let us know if your dog is Fond of face-licking by sharing in the Comments we'll see you next time

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