Why Does My DOG SMELL BAD? 🐢 (6 Causes)

πŸ• Although even a healthy dog smell isn’t necessarily the most beautiful aroma, we will know when our dog is smelling bad. AnimalWised finds out why does my DOG SMELL BAD? We look at the reasons why a dog may smell like fish and their bad smell won’t leave even when you bathe them.


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Even a healthy dog won't always smell Like roses but the reasons why a dog Smells bad need to be addressed animal Wise explains more Halitosis bad breath in dogs can be Caused by various issues including Pathological diseases such as renal Failure diabetes or periodontal disease The main cause of bad mouth odor in dogs Is Tartar and periodontal disease this Develops from the calcification of Bacterial plaque on the dental enamel Thanks to the buildup of mineral Deposits in their saliva tartar Accumulation can cause gum inflammation Known as gingivitis the way to control Halitosis is to control a disease which Produces it periodontal disease will Also require dental cleaning a process Which requires general anesthesia Prevention is key using regular checkups Thrice weekly brushing and the use of Dental snacks discover how to remove bad Breath in dogs in the first in through Video we share above Urinary tract infection when the smell Of a dog's urine is stronger than usual It may be due to a UTI the symptoms are Painful urination increased water Consumption fishy odor frequent Urination of little quantity and fever In this case the urinary infection Causing the bad smell must be treated a Urine sample must be obtained from the

Dog and an antibiogram carried out to Find out which antibiotic is the best For the infection Otitis this is a disorder that occurs Relatively frequently especially in dogs With long floppy ears like the cocker Spaniel it refers to an inflammation or Infection of the external auditory canal Symptoms include bad air odor due to Secretions as well as itching and Scratching of the ear head shaking pain Or hair loss in the area to treat bad Odor in dogs due to otitis the Infectious process of the external Auditory canal must be controlled Usually through the use of topical Treatment will also be necessary to Perform an air cleaning it you like Animal wise remember that a super thanks Can help us continue creating the Content you enjoy Stress or fear dogs can release an Unpleasant odor from their anal and Sweat glands that often smells fishy These scent glands serve to provide Information between dogs as well as to Provide lubrication for defecation they Also release secretions from their scent Glands when they are in a stressful Situation or feel very afraid you must Avoid situations which can cause them Stress you must also reduce their stress Levels through providing attention Affection and play sessions taking them

To see a canine ethologist is necessary In serious cases of stress in the next Info video we share we reveal 10 signs Of stress in dogs and how to help them Skin problems especially bacterial or Fungal infections skin problems can Cause compounds with a fishy odor to be Released not only do they cause dogs to Smell fishy they can result in sebora Dandruff itching and behavioral changes The skin problem in question must be Treated specifically applying topical Treatments such as medicated shampoos With anti-inflammatory anti-fungal or Antibiotic properties it may or may not Be combined with systemic oral Medications Anal Sac disease a dog's anal glands can Become full if they are impacted for Whatever reason something which will Result in inflammation and a bad smell You may suspect Anal Sac disease if your Dog drags their rear quarters along the Ground due to irritation they will also Try to lick the area constantly and may Even whine due to pain eventually you'll See the swelling of the anal glands you Should go to a Veterinary Center if your Dog has anal discomfort and it smells Bad they may need Veterinary assistance In expressing the impacted glands Something which can require surgery to Remove the impaction they may also need Anti-inflammatory drugs for pain and

Antibiotics for bacterial infection if If you want to continue learning about Health problems in dogs and how to treat Them don't miss the playlist We Share Here do you have an experience with a Smelly dog let us know how you treated It by leaving a comment and we'll see You next time [Music]

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