Why Does My Dog Yawn When I scold Him? – Dog Calming Signals

Have you ever noticed your dog yawning when being scolded? 👇 Some may think a dog will yawn only when they are tired, but this is not the case. We might see them yawn at various times, but yawning when scolded has a very specific reason which has to do with the dog’s body language and a system of communication known as calming signals. The first thing to know is that when a dog yawns a lot it is not a good sign ❌ In fact, it is indicating stress and discomfort. Watch the video to find out more, but if you want a more comprehensive guide to all the meanings of a dog’s yawn, you can take a look at our original article:

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[Music] Did you know that dogs don’t only yawn When they are tired or have just woken Up Yawning is actually one of a dog’s Calming signals an important part of Their body language Yawning can also have multiple meanings Have you ever noticed your dog yawn when Scalding them we explain why and how it Links to inappropriate treatment [Music] Calming signals are part of a dog’s Social behavior they learn from the time They are puppies along with their mother And siblings They are the key to positive interaction With individuals whether other dogs Other animals or people To understand what a dog is trying to Communicate we should not focus on one Gesture but all of them together A yawn in itself is a positive signal Which indicates the dog is comfortable As they are and likely don’t want to be Disturbed however when a dog yawns Intensely it suggests discomfort or Frustration they may do it when we hug Them tightly keep them caged or Manipulate them excessively It can also happen when we talk to them Without their understanding or when we Scold them in this latter case the dog Is trying to convey to us that they

Don’t want trouble they are Uncomfortable and want you to stop Many Guardians don’t think it’s bad to School dogs that it’s how they learn But punishment can cause high levels of Stress in canines it can generate fear Insecurity and anxiety When they feel that way in addition to Yawning the dog will make other calming Signals such as Turning Away stretching Out or cowering In short they are trying to tell us they Don’t want any conflict but if we Continue the calming signals will Intensify The dog will make more obvious signs and If we do not stop we’ll try to flee in The most serious cases the dog will show Aggression in an attempt to defend Themselves It is important that as responsible Tutors we know how dogs learn and what Educational methods are most appropriate At animal wise we base our content on Positive education which includes Positive reinforcement and not negative Punishment When a dog performs appropriately we can Reinforce it with a treat or some Affection On the other hand when they behave Inappropriately we will take away Positive interaction For example if you’re a puppy bites you

While playing we will leave and stop the Game to show that this is not okay Additionally to minimize the use of Negative punishment we can try to remove Them from any situation which can lead To so-called bad behavior If we don’t want our dog to climb on the Couch we won’t scold them but teach them Commands to get back down rewarding them When they do so Now you know why dogs yawn when a person Scolds them and why they shouldn’t be Scolded in the first place If you like this content and want to see Something related comment below with Your suggestions Like And subscribe for more to come and We’ll see you next time [Music]

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