Why Doesn’t My DOG BARK at All? ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ”‡ (4 Reasons)

๐Ÿ• If you have adopted a dog, you will expect a certain amount of chaos in the home. What you might not expect is a quiet dog that isn’t barking. AnimalWised explains why my dog isn’t barking by looking at the reason a dog doesn’t bark or suddenly stops barking altogether.


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Foreign [Music] Although they have many vocalizations Barking is the stereotypical noise a dog Makes animal wise explains why a dog has Stopped barking or never barked in the First place [Music] Pathological causes there are various Pathologies that can cause hoarseness in Dogs when a dog tries to bark and is Unable to make sounds or if they've Stopped barking altogether it may be a Sign their vocal cords are affected Since these tissues are located in the Throat very close to the larynx and just Above the trachea any injury trauma Inflammation or infection in these Regions can affect the ability to bark Or make their vocal output hoarser If your dog has a condition that causes Chronic or excessive vomiting it's Likely their larynx and throat will be Irritated preventing them from barking Properly diseases that affect the Respiratory tract can also cause your Dog to be unable to bark cough or make Any sound at all in any case it's Essential to consult your trusted Veterinarian [Music] Breed predisposition While it is only one factor the amount Of dog will bark may be affected by

Their breed certain breeds are known for Being more or less vocal than others This is often related to whether they Are generally more timid or gregarious But the training education care and Experience the dog receives will also Affect their level of vocalization among Other factors An example is the Basenji breed one of The oldest dog breeds in the world they Are known for not barking at all this Doesn't mean they are unable or Unwilling to vocalize but barking is not A common vocalization of this dog Instead the Basenji is much more likely To make a sound which is akin to a yodel Although the Basenji will try to Communicate in a similar way to all dogs Their lack of barking is thought to be Due to their vocal cord formation Other breeds such as the golden Retriever Labrador pug and French Bulldog as well as mixed breed dogs may Also inherit a quieter predisposition If your dog doesn't bark but is Otherwise completely healthy it may just Be a genetic preference If you like animal wise a super thanks Can help us continue creating the Content you enjoy Use of inappropriate colors if your dog Has a leash attached to a collar and They pull on it a lot when walking it Can damage the throat larynx and vocal

Cords resulting in the dog barking Differently or stopping altogether this Is especially the case with a choke and Shock collar Discover more about the danger of using Shock collars in the video we share Above If your dog also seems to be choking Panting heavily coughing wretching or Having difficulty breathing while Walking playing or exercising don't Hesitate to take them to the vet as soon As possible To avoid these disorders it's advisable To use a harness for daily walks you can Better teach the dog not to pull on the Leash and to walk correctly Choke collars are counterproductive and Dangerous positive reinforcement is the Best way to stimulate and train our best Dog friends without putting their Welfare at risk our next info video Shares some common mistakes Guardians Make while walking their dog Adaptation period when we adopt a dog we Need to take them to the veterinarian to Assess their physical and psychological Well-being the veterinarian will also Check for signs of debarking this is an Invasive and painful procedure which Involves the removal of much of the Laryngeal tissue If you recently adopted a puppy they may Not bark immediately when arriving to

Their new home they need to adapt to new Stimuli in their environment in order to Feel secure and to be able to Confidently Express their personality And feelings including through barking If you adopted an adult dog a sad Possibility is that they won't bark due To being the victim of physical or Emotional abuse in these cases we will Need to have patience use a lot of Positive reinforcement and get Professional help when necessary to Recover their self-confidence and to be Able to express themselves freely again Without fear If you want to continue learning about Health problems in dogs and how to Prevent them don't miss the playlist We Share here is your dog not a barker or Are they larger than most let us know in The comments and we'll see you next time [Music]

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