Why Dogs Get Stuck After MATING – Breeding Explanation

Why do dogs stick when they mate? In this new video from AnimalWised we will answer this question and explain in a clear and simple way why dogs get locked together after mating. If you have ever witnessed this situation or simply would like to know the reason for behavior, discover with us why dogs get stuck when they mate, something that happens during the canine copulation process. This mating process is required for the different stages of insemination to occur. We also show you why it is so important not to separate dogs which are stuck during mating. If you want to know a little more, you can go over to our site to read the original article:

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Have you ever wondered why dogs get Stuck together after mating in this Video we’ll explain the seemingly odd Breeding venue during the mating process The male ejaculates in three phases Known as fractions the first stage is Called the pre sperm fraction this is Released during the beginning of Penetration and is a quality liquid Without any sperm the next is the sperm Rich fraction this is a second Ejaculation where the dog transmits the Sperm to the female during this phase The bulb is grandis or bulb of the dog’s Penis the part of the base of the shaft In gorgeous due to greater blood flow as It gets bigger the penis locks into the Vagina of the female and becomes stuck At this point the male lifts his leg and Turns away from the field the third Phase is the prostatic fraction where The male and female stand Hinds to hind But stuck together in a stance known as Knotting or tying during this phase one Last ejaculation occurs but with less Sperm once the ejaculation is finished The dog’s penis relaxes and they become Unstuck in total the copulation can last Between 20 and 60 minutes depending on The dog it’s also very important not to Try to separate the dogs during the Process due to the increase in size During copulation That could be a tear in either animal or

Other serious health problems Also remember that shelters are full With abandoned dogs so we recommend you Don’t breed your dogs Unless you have the right experience and There is an available market for the Puppies here’s our video for today give Us a like if you find it useful and Subscribe for more to come we’ll see you Next time [Music] You

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