Why dogs just don’t want to be a dog ?

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Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Laughter] Foreign This dumbass [ __ ] cool Shay Thought that this Was that She was literally running through the True savings parking lots chasing the [ __ ] Moon Foreign No it's okay You and your sister's confused Whatever Hey Domino You're adopted [Music] Okay so Mercy loves whipped cream Oh that was not the plant Marshawn God this dog has the coordination of a Gorilla The Bloody Dog He been so bad to die Ain't nobody listening to me Well Just as I thought Trash is [Music] Escape we cannot come out Mama Oh my God you know what this is really

Scary Movie Wait Dad Good girl cross Come on in Well done good girl come And the best part of this plan is No one can stop me [Music] She's incredibly intelligent people it Would scare them if they knew how smart She is Foreign [Music] Why would I listen to you Get another German Shepherd they said It'll be fun they said it'll be good for Crowley they said So much for pooping and freaking privacy Person in the morning I'm making waffles

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