Why Don’t Cats Like Their PAWS to be TOUCHED? ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿพ (7 Reasons)

๐Ÿˆ Why don’t cats like to have their paws touched? This is a question that many of the people who live with cats ask themselves. Does it happen to you? Do you want to know why? In this new video from AnimalWised we will explain the most common reasons cats don’t like their paws touched. We also provide some some tips on how to touch them when necessary.


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When we first live with a cat we will Quite quickly see they have a set of Boundaries which need to be respected Where they allow themselves to be Touched is one such important boundary And most will not let you anywhere near Their paws animalwise explains why And provides some tips on how to handle Them correctly [Music] It hurts cats have a high concentration Of nerves in their paws Although their paw pads are resilient They can be damaged if they step on Something sharp Stimulating the nerve and causing acute Pain this means most cats will move Their paws away if someone tries to Touch them As a way to avoid any potential injury To this sensitive area To protect their nails retracted into a Cat’s paws or their nails Something which helps to keep them Protected they’re used to defend against Predators and manipulate their Environment So cats will protect their claws at all Costs if someone goes near their paws They may recoil in fear this valuable Resource is under threat [Music] They don’t accept you if the person who Tries to touch a cat’s paws are a

Stranger or someone they don’t like The cat can become stressed or agitated They may even lash out by swiping or Clawing at them In these cases the cat is not only not Letting them touch their paws But they are making a clear sign they Don’t want them to be around The reasons for this rejection are Myriad but the cat is making their Feelings clear Past trauma if your cat has undergone a Traumatic period that cause great pain In their legs If they have been run over or had a Fracture for example they will be Especially protective of this area Since great pain has happened they worry Being touched there will hurt again You do not pet them correctly cats must Be petted with care and gentleness Avoiding squeezes petting against the Grain or using jerking movements If they are not petted correctly it can Be unpleasant for them even causing pain And discomfort In this way if you’ve ever done it wrong They will prevent you from doing it Again Due to high sensitivity in the paw area If you want to know how to pet a cat Correctly don’t miss the video that we Share here Osteoarthritis osteoarthritis is due to

Wearing down of cartilage in the joints And the ensuing exposure of the bone This is painful and frustrating Affecting older cats in particular it Can also be secondary due to trauma or Malformation of the joints Cats who suffer from it in addition to Avoiding paw touching Often hide their pain this is why we Need to look for other symptoms Such as decreased physical activity Avoiding high places Affected gait or even washing their feet Excessively Personal preference a cat may not want Their paws touched because they don’t Like it Cats often like us to stroke their head Back neck or base of tail That will want you to avoid their legs Tail and belly these are their Preferences And need to be respected Hard to get my cat to let me touch their Paws it’s sometimes necessary to Manipulate a cat’s paws Whether to trim their nails tend to a Wound remove parasites or something Similar It is important to reduce their stress Especially since the reason we have to Touch them there might be traumatic Enough if a cat becomes particularly Aggressive

We may need to consult an anthologist in Case there are behavioral problems at Play If you need to touch a cat’s paws the First thing we need to do is be patient And calm Start by finding a time when they are Relaxed not when they are already Agitated Pet them and stroke them in places where They enjoy so you can warm them to you And reassure they won’t be harmed Slowly move toward their paws and stroke Them very gently Another option is to approach from the Back or side since coming at them from The front Can be interpreted as being threatening Finally we recommend carrying out Whatever you need to do very swiftly Sutures cause as little stress as Possible if these measures are not Effective You will need to wrap them in a tile or Blanket leaving only their head and Affected limb exposed This way you can limit their movement And have better access to the problem In the most extreme cases you will need To take the cat to a veterinarian who Can use sedation to administer necessary Treatment If you want to continue learning more Curious facts about feline behavior

We share a playlist here with just about Everything you need to know Does your cat let you touch their paws Let us know in the comments And we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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