Why is My Cat LOSING HAIR? – Molting and Other Explanations

If you are asking yourself the question ’Why is My Cat LOSING HAIR?’, then you may quite rightly be concerned. However, it is important to know that there are situations when it is completely normal for a cat to lose some of its hair. Problems arise when this hair loss is excessive or is combined with other symptoms indicating an underlying health problem. This is particularly the case if the fur is falling to the point patches of skin or serious thinning can be observed. This is why AnimalWised explains the things you need to look out for if your cat is losing its hair. If you want to know some further information, head on over to our site to read some related articles:

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[Music] Hair loss in cats is common and not Something which necessarily needs to be A cause for concern however if they are Losing more fur than they should be we Need to get to the bottom of why in this Animal wise video we help answer the Questions we may have over when hair Loss in a cat is normal and when Something needs to be done about it it’s Normal for cats to shed hair on a Regular basis especially with long hair Cats this is why if you’ve just adopted A cat and are surprised to see hairs all Over your clothes Furniture or floor you may not need to Worry it’s perfectly normal for cats to Shed a little however excessive molting May be due to a health problem when a Cat loses hair so much it is thinning or You see bald patches it is possible they Are sick and requiring veterinary Treatment finally we mustn’t forget the Molting season which usually occurs Twice a year next we discuss this Process and hair loss related health Problems as with other animals cats Alter their fur to adapt to changes in Temperature in stray cats the change is Much more noticeable than in domestic Cats with indoor pets domestic cats Experience molting in a different way And are able to show a more constant Mode in general cats usually shed their

Hair in late summer and early spring This process can last between one and Two weeks so it’s normal if they are Losing fur at this time cats are Sensitive animals which are susceptible To stress a simple change in routine can Cause a state of anxiety and feelings in These cases it’s possible the cat will Shed more hair than usual or they may Even over a groom as a development of Compulsive behaviors There are diseases of the skin which Produce considerable hair loss Especially in certain areas they can Leave bald patches and the most frequent Diseases are ringworm dermatitis mange And allergies Additionally fungal infections and Parasitical infestations can cause hair Loss in cats now that you know the main Causes of feline hair loss we can share Some useful tips Brush your cat daily to avoid dead hair In the house especially when molting if They are stressed find the reason and Try to counteract it foods rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids strengthen cat hair as Well as provide shine and reduce Moulton Examine your cat’s skin frequently to Detect parasites or other health issues Follow the deworming schedule Implemented by the vet offer quality Food an inadequate diet can also lead to Hair loss or fur of pure quality and

Strength give malta peace to the cat to Avoid hair balls in their stomach this Will not prevent hair loss but it will Help to avoid health problems related to Ingesting fur during their self-cleaning Practice if the cat has patches of hair Missing as well as other symptoms such As apathy fever vomiting diarrhea or Excessive itching don’t hesitate to Visit the veterinarian have you found This video useful leave us your comment To share any of your own feline hair Loss experiences give us a like if you Enjoyed the video and subscribe for more To come We’ll see you next time [Applause] You [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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