Why Is My DOG LEANING on Me? ๐Ÿง๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ• (4 Reasons)

๐Ÿถ If you live with a dog, you will have likely found them leaning on you at some point. Do you know what causes this behavior in dogs? In this AnimalWised video we explain 4 possible reasons why your dog leans on you, either when sleeping next to you or just hanging out.


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Dogs leaning on top of us is a common Behaviour when we spend time together Often succeeding a surprise jump into Our lap in this animal-wise video We explain four possible reasons for This behavior whether they are sleeping Next to you or simply hanging out Let’s get started [Music] They love and enjoy your company if your Dog leans on you when you pet them You can take it as a token of affection Let your dog rest their head on top of You when you’re petting or when you Stretch out in the sofa together Is irrefutable proof they love you and Like to be by your side This is because you offer warmth and Security this is how it goes in litters Of puppies As they sleep together lean on top of Each other and get close to their mother Discover other fascinating dog behaviour With this video On why dogs lick us They trust you the reason why your dog Leans on top of you when they sleep or Are relaxed is that you provide them With physical and emotional security By your side they feel protected and Lose the need to stay alert Without doubt it’s a clear demonstration Of confidence Likewise it means that the bond you have

Established is strong and you’re Considered family by the dog They want your attention if your dog Spends a lot of time alone and you can’t Be together as much as you should It’s likely they will perform this Behavior with the intention that you Will listen to them Play with them go for a walk or you fill Their bowl with food It could also be that your dog has Learned that every time they lean on top Of you You pay attention to them this action is Useful when they want something Even if it is simple interaction To tell others to stay away you may have Observed this behavior if you live with Multiple dogs The fact that your dog is leaning on top Of you when others approach Can be a way of wanting all your Attention focused on them and not on Others In turn it serves as a message to the Other dogs to stay away from you If you see your dog displaying other Behaviours that express aggressiveness Such as growling when other dogs Approach it could be problematic Possessive behavior You should also consider doing something In case your dog shows signs that Indicate they feel hyper attachment

Towards you Some of these signs are excessive Barking to get your attention Destroying objects when you’re not at Home or being constantly at your side In these cases it could be that your dog Experiences separation anxiety when You’re not with them Harming their well-being and making it Difficult to co-exist For this reason it’s best to see your Veterinarian or a canine educator for Help If you want to learn more about Separation anxiety take a look at the Video above [Music] Is my dog dominant if they lean on top Of me nothing is further from the truth Since dominance is an Intra-species-specific behavior meaning It is only performed by dogs with other Dogs If you’ve lived with several dogs at the Same time you may have noticed that they Do not behave the same towards each Other as with you Although it seems obvious your dog knows That you are not a dog Their way of relating to you is the Result of learning not instinct As they are a domestic animal they have The ability from a young age to shape The way they communicate with you

For this reason you must offer a basic Education that allows you to interact Positively with them And create a good bond between you why Do you think your dog leans on you Let us know in the comments and we’ll See you next time

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