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πŸ• Does your puppy growl and bite you at the same time? In this AnimalWised video on canine education, we explain the possible reasons why a puppy is biting and growling when you play or during other times. We also help you solve this problem through suitable training.


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It’s normal for puppies to bark Excitedly while playing but some can Start biting and growling at animal-wise We explain this puppy behavior and what You can do to best avoid it when it Becomes problematic [Music] It’s part of their play Some guardians unfamiliar with puppies May be concerned when they growl they Think the young dog is developing an Aggressive character and may even scold Them in retaliation however this is Counterproductive it’s completely normal For a puppy to grow when playing either To entice you to play more or because They are an acting play behaviour Related to hunting It’s also normal for a puppy to bite When playing puppies use their mouths as A way to interact with their environment This is only a problem when the puppy Has yet to learn their bite inhibition This is when they control their bite and Know they won’t cause any harm when this Happens start the game by saying ouch Your puppy will learn to associate hard Bites with the end of their fun If they want to play with you but you Are unable they may groil or bite to get Your attention you will have to ignore Them and be indifferent if you don’t They will see biting as a tool to get What they want which can be dangerous as

An adult Finally you shouldn’t forget your puppy Needs to bite as a way to relieve Teething pain this is why chew toys are Essential at this stage Find out more about the needs and care Of a puppy in the first info video They are afraid if your puppy grows at You and even bites when you get close They may be feeling insecure this can be Due to traumatic experiences or poor Socialization during the first months of Life In this case you will need to be patient And give them time to adjust to their New environment and family you should Avoid forcing situations in which they May feel uncomfortable and invite them To approach you through rewards Encouraging words and avoiding sudden Movements Little by little they will associate you As someone positive and trustworthy Never scold the puppy as it will never Solve the problem when you scold your Dog you may stop them grilling Altogether which is an important part of Their communication you will only Achieve a situation where they hide the Fact they are upset When the point comes they are very upset They are likely to become aggressive and Bite without giving you prior warning Since negative reinforcement builds

Poorer bonds our next info video shows How to properly educate a puppy [Music] Protecting their resources Resource protection occurs when a puppy Feels insecure that something valuable May be taken away it often occurs when They have lived in situations at a very Early age where resources were scarce or Withheld It’s commonly seen when a puppy growls As you approach one of their toys they May associate you playing with something Of theirs as an attempt to remove it From them and stop their fun It’s normal for them to growl as they Think you’re trying to spoil the party To redirect this behavior it will be Important they don’t see you as a threat Or someone who wants to steal something From them They will have to associate your Presence with something positive for Example if your puppy growls and bites You as you approach their food bowl Stand at a distance until they feel calm Then reward them with something tasty Progressively get closer and help them Associate your presence with a Trustworthy and protective figure Remember to avoid punishments at all Costs as they will only generate more Distrust If you think this problem has become

Unmanageable because it’s too deeply Entrenched speak to a professional who Can advise you Pain or illness it should never be ruled Out that if your puppy growls at you When you touch or hold them it’s because They are in pain or not feeling well May also happen when they are sick and Feel like isolating themselves when a Puppy is not well you can see they go From being an animal full of energy and Happiness to being rather dull and Listless in this case you should take Them to the vet for an examination Find out more about dog behaviors in the Playlist that we share here Tell us how you stopped your puppy Biting by leaving a comment and we’ll See you next time [Music] You

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