Why is My RABBIT Running in CIRCLES? ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ”„ (Causes and Solutions)

๐Ÿฐ Does your rabbit circles around your feet or around themselves? In this AnimalWised video, we explain the 3 possible reasons why a rabbit is circling and what you can do if it reveals something negative. Stay with us to better understand and care for your rabbit.


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If you share your life with a rabbit you Will notice many idiosyncratic behaviors Running in circles around you or Themselves is one which can certainly Pique our interest in this animal-wise Video we explain why they run in circles And whether it is ever a problem [Music] Why is my rabbit running in circles One of the most common reasons rabbits Run in circles is due to sexual maturity And periods of being receptive rabbits Don’t go into heat like some animals and Are fertile year round but they do Experience periods of greater Receptiveness during these spikes their Behavior may change they might become More restless mount objects mark with Urine or even become aggressive they may Also circle incessantly around other Rabbits or their human guardians this Usually occurs after they reach sexual Maturity between four and six months This is not the only reason for this Behavior Running in circles has several Interpretations something we can best Understand by looking at the context of This behavior as well as its frequency Duration and intensity the two main Causes are the following Play behavior There are times during the day when your Rabbit is more active they will want to

Release energy and have fun this is why It’s important you provide periods every Day when they can be under their hutch To explore and exercise during these Times your rabbit will often be playful And make little circles around Themselves as well as hopping and Dashing around this is normal healthy Behavior and nothing to worry about Stress There are times when circling behavior Can be negative if your rabbit circles Monotonously does it overly frequently Or does so in context unrelated to play It’s possible they are suffering from Stress or anxiety rabbits are sensitive Animals which can become easily stressed If their needs are not properly met or If their environment is insufficient to Provide for their well-being There are many causes of stress in Rabbits including spending too much time Locked up suffering from pain or illness Encountering people or animals they Don’t know being handled roughly not Having a suitable place to rest or Lacking sufficient nutrition Socialization or environmental Enrichment Here’s what you can do to help in these Situations neuter them being sexually Active but not being able to mate is a Frustrating situation for your rabbit Sterilization will help improve their

Behavior and reduce stress which leads To incessant circling as well as prevent Uncontrolled breeding something Important when rabbits live together Offer stimulation if your rabbit spins Around quickly when you’re interacting In a play context you don’t need to Worry if this behavior becomes too Intense the best thing you can do is get Your rabbit’s attention and offer them Something to entertain themselves with Such as an interactive game or something They can chew on you can also choose to Play directly with them or even start Teaching basic tricks and skills In the info video above we show you how To make three homemade toys for rabbits Go to a professional Lastly if you notice your rabbit is Circling or performing any other Behavior too frequently especially if They always follow the same pattern of Movement you notice they are upset or Restless they stop eating and grooming Themselves Or they are apathetic and even Aggressive you should take them to the Vet If you want to continue learning about Rabbits and their care don’t miss the Playlist we share here Tell us if you have experienced this Behavior in rabbits and we’ll see you Next time


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