Why owning a dog is not easy ?

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No No No No Can you stop licking me I was on the tube and saw this My dog doesn’t like it when me and my Flying cuddle without her Good night Learning how to make my bark sound scary Bark at your retired military working Dog Acting voluntarily she was being Socially engineered And she does not understand there was Any No sir this is my problem to handle Thank you very much What are you doing here again dude I know that’s cat food that’s not possum Food Stanley you see this Foreign Where are you I’m over here [Music] I’m just gonna scooch in right here if You don’t mind uh [Music] [Applause] [Music] There was [Music] Dallas are you looking for your pig Are are you

Are you looking for your pig He’s taking a nap in the bathroom Remember Do you remember we put him in the Bathroom You cannot just go around eating anybody That you want to I could not no you Cannot Emma trying to give French kisses Okay [Music] I wanna go home [Music] Here’s a riddle for you what has ears But doesn’t listen My dog Mommy don’t know that I took a snack I Couldn’t hold back and I’m took you to School me don’t let her kick you out Come here Come here buddy come here Jackie get her just get her all right Yeah just get her Oh [Music] [Music] If you don’t want to poop in the rain Raise your paw If you don’t want to poop in the rain Raise your paw If the ground is really soggy and you Don’t want to go potty if you don’t want To poop in the rain raise your path My dog has itchy booty today don’t worry She doesn’t have any worms it’s just a

Strand of hair tickling her [Music] Okay [Music] Foreign Put an ice cube on your pet to see their Reaction Okay [Music] Foreign

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