Why Should You NEVER DYE Your DOG’S HAIR? 🐢❌

πŸ• Are you thinking about dyeing your dog’s hair? In this AnimalWised video, we explain why you should never do it. The practice of dyeing dog hair in bright colors is becoming more and more popular, but many people do not know how harmful it can be for our pets. Discover all the risks that painting or dyeing their coat can pose to your furry friend.


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The practice of dying the hair of dogs Is becoming more and more popular if You’re thinking of giving your dog a Makeover or think they might find it fun This animal-wise video shows you why it Can be dangerous and is best avoided [Music] Health risks there are a wide variety of Animal dyes on the market these products Are modified to adapt to the ph of the Dog’s skin and to avoid serious Poisoning if ingested however they don’t Guarantee the animal will not suffer any Type of allergic reaction after its Application Many dyes cause itching irritation and Redness in the skin of dogs in more Serious cases dogs of the predisposition To suffer from dermatological Pathologies puppies or albino dogs may Suffer very strong skin reactions that Require urgent veterinary assistance It should go without saying that dyes For humans are highly toxic to dogs they Can also cause serious burns to their Skin and can be fatal if ingested It’s a stressful procedure The level of stress a dog may experience Due to hair dyeing will depend on Several factors Many dogs are not used to being handled They may not like water or even the Presence of strange people something Which may happen with a groomer we must

Bear in mind that we are subjecting the Animal to a situation it doesn’t Understand and that requires several Hours dogs generally experience a spike In negative stress when exposed to this Type of manipulation the smell of the Dyes the bathing and the noise of the Dryer are stimuli which can cause Tension fear or rejection their heart Rate accelerates and the inability to Flee can trigger reactive or defensive Behaviors in short it’s completely Unnecessary to put a dog through such a Stressful situation putting their Emotional health at risk solely to Obtain a purely aesthetic result Discover 12 other things you should Never do with your dog in the first Video we share above Camouflages the dog’s scent and causes Communication problems Through smell dogs are capable of Obtaining a great deal of information Both from the environment and from other Individuals this allows them to adapt The way they behave in different Contexts one of the main problems with Dye for dogs is that it seriously Modifies their natural smell although we Cannot perceive it they do this is Annoying for the animal itself who is Bothered by the smell it gives off and Can even harm themselves trying to Remove the dye from the body moreover

Dying a dog impairs their ability to Communicate with others remember that Dogs greet each other by sniffing each Other the artificial smell that a dyed Dog gives off can make other dogs reject Them or even worse try to attack next we Share a video in which we explain the Smells that dogs hit the most Promotes the objectification of animals Finally dying a dog’s hair is also an Ethical problem by trying to transform Animals into stuffed toys and treating Them as playthings we are ignoring their Right to dignity and encouraging them to Be seen more as objects than as sentient Beings endowed with intelligence and the Ability to experience and communicate Emotions A dog does not need this type of Aesthetic touch-up there’s no benefit That the animal can get from this Procedure only potential harm Find out more about caring for dogs in The playlist that we share here what do You think do you think it’s fine to dye A dog’s hair let us know in the comments And we’ll see you next time [Music]

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