Why Some CATS Have DIFFERENT EYE COLORS ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿ‘€ (Heterochromia in Cats)

๐Ÿˆ Have you ever seen a cat with each eye of a different color? This characteristic is known as heterochromia and, in this AnimalWised video, we will explain what is heterochromia in cats so you can understand why some cats have different colored eyes.


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[Music] We all know cats have an unmatched Beauty but when we see a feline with two Differently coloured eyes their charm is Further accentuated this is a Characteristic known as heterochromia And animalwise explains in this video Why this occurs and results in cats with Different colored eyes [Music] What is heterochromia This is an alteration in the coloration Of the cat’s irises resulting in two Different eye colors presenting Heterochromia is not unique to cats and Can also be observed in humans but is More common in domesticated animals What causes heterochromia in cats This condition can be of genetic origin Congenital heterochromia could be Present from birth or appear shortly After Kittens are born with blue eyes but Their true eventual hue does not Register until between 7 and 12 weeks of Age At this point the iris pigment begins to Change color and we can see if the cat Will have this condition Some breeds are genetically more likely To develop heterochromia including the Turkish angora persian japanese bobtail Turkish van Sphinx and british shorthair in most

Cases kittens with heterochromia do not Have any health problems related to this Condition however in some specimens the Congenital heterochromia may be due to An underlying cause such as horner Syndrome Heterochromia in cats can also manifest During adulthood or old age due to the Onset of disease or injury in which case It’s considered acquired heterochromia Is the colour of the coat related to the Colour of each eye The genes that control the colour of the Eyes and the skin are different so the Melanocytes associated with the coat can Be more or less active than those of the Eyes The exception is white cats when the Expression of genes known as epistasis Is carried out white is the dominant Color and masks others It also makes them more prone to have Blue eyes than other breeds of different Colours discover other curiosities about Cats in the info video we share above Eye diseases of cats with heterochromia If the change in cat eye colour occurs In their adult stage it’s advisable to Visit the veterinarian with the onset of Maturity colour changes may indicate Inflammation or blood in the cat’s eye Furthermore it can also occur after Injury or other illness Heterochromia should not be confused

With a cat having a white iris in this Case we may be facing one of the Symptoms of glaucoma a disease that Gradually causes loss of vision If left untreated it can lead to Blindness If you want to learn more curiosities About cats check out the playlist we Share here Let us know what color are your cats Eyes by leaving a comment below and We’ll see you next time [Music] You

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