Why to Adopt a Pet and Not Buy πŸ’– 5 REASONS

In the USA alone 6.5 million companion animals enter into the shelter system. Some of these animals are rehoused, others go back to their original owner, but too many remain in the shelter system. This is of course if they find themselves in a no-kill shelter. Not all pets are so lucky. If you are considering bring a new animal into your family, then it is important to know the effects of buying a pet from a breeder. While many breeders work hard to take care of animals, the same can’t be said for everyone. The benefits of adoption over buying a new pet have far reaching consequences for both the good of the individual animal as well as the animal world as a whole. This AnimalWised video on 5 reasons why to adopt a new pet and not buy will help you make the right decision when adopting a new pet. Once you made the decision to adopt a pet, these articles on what to think about when adopting a dog () or a cat () might be helpful!

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[Music] Four families Any special occasion where a gift is Presented can provide an opportunity to See about incorporating a new family Member into the group while you may buy A dog from a breeder it’s important to Remember a living animal is not like any Other purchase especially if there’s an Option to adopt are you insure if you Should buy or adopt your animal wise Provides five reasons to suggest why you Should consider adopting rather than Buying of course both adopting and Buying are matters of great Responsibility so you will need to Ensure all members of the family are Able to meet it [Music] What happens to animals living in a Shelter kennel according to data from The affinity foundation almost half of Abandoned dogs end up being adopted Followed by a number of dogs which are Returned to their owners after being Lost however too many remains sheltered Their entire life this is as long as They are new kill shelters as otherwise Many animals are euthanized especially Those which are elderly ill or have been In the system too long if you adopt you May be saving a life by adopting an Animal either from a shelter a kennel You will be freeing up a space for a new

Animal this usually happens in shelters And private centers additionally we want To avoid overcrowding of animals and Shelters as it can significantly harm Their welfare and exacerbate Pre-existing behavioral problems by Adopting you may not only save one life But that of another animal although There are responsible breeders heaith we Breed animals and manage their health Welfare and other important factors There are too many unscrupulous breeders Who do not it’s a malpractice which is Too easily hidden and it can be Difficult to differentiate the good from The bad There are horror stories of seemingly Reputable breeders selling puppies Contaminated with Harville virus a Life-threatening disease which puts both The individual dog and larger canine Community at risk as we have stated not All breeders carry out illegal or Inappropriate practices however an Animal wised we’re not in favor of the Commercialization of living beings the Desire for a particular animal can lead To many people to carry out Inappropriate practices which are not Necessary benefit individual animals by Adopting we can avoid supporting Practices which lead to more animals and Shelters and which make it difficult for Animal welfare in general

Contrary to popular belief many adoption Centers have animals of all types and Characteristics some are defined by Particular breeds others come from mixed Origin it’s not only dogs and cats which Can be adopted but other animals like Rabbits guinea pigs or rats it’s also Important to remember the animals aren’t Always abandoned due to behavioral Issues a fairly common myth even the Arrival of a baby in a family can lead To the abandonment of a pet no animal Has done anything to deserve being Abandoned in the year say every year Approximately 6.5 million companion Animals are entered into this shelter System this is not included many Abandoned animals which never even get To a shelter animal abandonment is an Indictment of human society if you go to An animal shelter where you are you will Need us to tell you why taking animals Out of the system is such a good and Positive thing for animals as a whole Adoption is a wonderful gesture involved In offering and receiving boundless love And is something most of us are capable Of he wants to have an animal by your Side adopt don’t buy we hope that Anytime an animal is brought into a Family is done so in the most Responsible way we mustn’t forget that Dogs cats rabbits and any other Companion animal is a living being who

Feels and has a capacity for suffering It’s important to think about the Decision to adopt thoroughly if you are Thinking about adopting visit a shelter To discover the kinds of animals there And consult with the workers to answer Your queries about behavior health or Anything pertinent If you have experience of adopting an Animal and would like to share with our Community please do so in the comments Below give us a like if you find the Video useful and subscribe for more We’ll see you next time [Music]

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