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Oh yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] Wow Tank Tank What are you doing to your dad [Applause] Leo Leo [Music] Django the dentist just called And he says that you have to brush your Teeth more Yeah I agree and I have not behaved one Single day of my life not one day of my Life have I behaved I'm embarrassed [Music] Thank you [Music] Correct All Come on Bet heal yeah Orbit Yes How help me Help me [Music] I don't think he's excited Right there [Laughter] Oh my God she's incredibly intelligent

People it would scare them if they knew How smart she is [Music] Sit Sit sit You know my favorite thing about the Movie is like it feels like a like a Movie [Music] Oh Lord have mercy They drained me don't beat this Don't be suspicious don't be suspicious Hey honey give us a song [Music] The bottom line is we need to get a dog For protection like if someone tried to Break into our house I'd want to make Sure that they were immediately Terrified [Music] Thank you I'm not fat okay I'm just really really Easy to see put an ice cube on your pet To see their reaction Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] You cannot just go around eating anybody That you want to I do not no you cannot His excitement every time Find my muffin Let's go inside yay

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