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Welcome to AnimalWised, where in today’s video we’re talking about the ’Yorkshire Terrier – Care and Training Information’. Otherwise known as the Yorkie, these beautiful breed with a semi-long coat is incredibly popular and has been since the 19th century when the breed was first developed. With lots of physical and emotional character, the Yorkshire Terrier bonds well with its adopted human family. Although they are affectionate and well-suited to being companion animals, their character can be rambunctious and it is vital we keep them well-socialized, especially during their early stages. Basic training commands and education for the Yorkshire Terrier are also vital. Here are some additional videos which might be of interest:

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Welcome to animal wise we’re in today’s Video we talk all about one of them was Beautiful miniature dog breeds in the World the Yorkshire Terrier the Yorkshire Terrier first appeared in the 19th century where it was developed as a Small Terrier breed which could hunt Rats but still be relatively low Maintenance it was not until 1860 that The breed was officially presented by The various canine federations of the Time the Yorkie was later adopted by the British bourgeoisie as a companion dog Rather than a rat er as they find them To be sweet and beautiful the Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog which reaches a Maximum width of 3.2 kilos they stand Out for their moderately long coat which Is very smooth and silky their fur is Black tan blue and dark grey as a Curious fact this dog is usually ideal For people with allergies as they are Considered relatively hypoallergenic and Don’t produce many reactions the Yorkshire Terrier is a dog suitable for Any type of family and is even ideal for First-time guardians they are a very Affectionate and sweet dog which love to Be close to their family at all times They’re alert attitude may surprise you Despite their small size New York is an Excellent watchdog and will bark at any Sign of upset within the home Heavy vocalization can be characteristic

Of the breed but we should simply not Reinforce this behavior finally they are Also a very intelligent dog which can Easily learn what we teach them to take The best care of the Yorkshire Terrier We need to brush them regularly between Two and three times a week is necessary To avoid not tangles and dirt on a daily Basis we need to be careful to pay Attention to their facial hygiene by Removing the remains of any food dirt And room In their eyes it’s important to bear the Yorkie once or twice a month the Frequency of these vans will depend on The individual dog as some get more Dirty than others let’s not forget we Need to pay attention to the cold due to Their petite size the Yorkshire Terrier Feels the cold easily and can ship a Jacket four dogs might be necessary in Colder seasons and climates the training Of Yorkshire Terriers begins with the Socialization process this involves Presenting the greater environment to The dog this allows the dog to learn how To interact healthily with other dogs People vehicles and objects of all kinds This is in order to best prevent fear Phobias or aggression in their adult Years we should strive to make all Interactions positive ones After the socialization stage the Yorkie Needs to begin training learning basic

Obedience commands such as sit stay and Come here this will help set a solid Standard of communication between you And make interactions easier as you bond Together finally we advise motivating Our dog and enriching their day-to-day With various toys intelligence games and Outdoor activities spending time with us Makes your keys very happy the most Common diseases of the Yorkshire Terrier Are dislocation of the patella problems Of the spine or congenital hydrocephalus To detect any of these problems early It’s helpful to go to the vet every 6 to 12 months especially when they’re older We need to strictly follow their Vaccinations and deworming schedules if You follow our advice the new Yorkshire Terrier should live well up to 18 years Of age this is our video for today Comment with any experiences you have With this beautiful breed like if you Enjoyed the video and subscribe for more Content to come we’ll see you next time [Music]

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