Yorkshire Terriers – Top 10 Facts

The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie as it is more commonly known is an amazing dog breed and we are happy to be able to provide 10 facts about this breed. The breed is very small and typically weighs no more than 7 pounds. Popular as a pet the breed also helped paved the way for the development of several other dog breeds.

Yorkies are one of the most popular house pets, but they had different beginnings. We absolutely love these small dogs, and we decided to dig a little deeper to find out what makes these dogs so famous and adored. Here are 10 Yorkshire Terrier fun facts you probably didn’t know.

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The Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie as it's More commonly known it's an amazing dog Breed and we are happy to be able to Provide 10 facts about this breed the Breed is very small and typically weighs No more than seven pounds popular as a Pet the breed also helped pave the way For the development of several other dog Breeds the adorable Yorkshire Terrier is One of the smallest breeds today but They have a huge character this exactly What makes them such great pets these Tiny dogs are more entertaining to be Around and people mostly focus on their Small size still there is a lot more to This dog than their adorable and Handsome looks today Yorkies are one of The most popular house pets but they had Different beginnings we absolutely love These small dogs and we decided to dig a Little Deeper to find out what makes These dogs so famous and adored here are 10 Yorkshire Terrier fun facts you Probably didn't know Now let's learn 10 facts about the Captivating Yorkie Yorkshire Terriers Are born exterminators Today Yorkshire Terriers are popular Companion dogs but when originally bred In mid-1800s they were well regarded for Being effective writers today the breed Has been bred slightly smaller and has Seldom used for killing Vermin but Yorkies still retain plenty of the

Feistiness that made them great Exterminators these little dogs were Bred from a collection of terriers Including the Waterside Terrier in order To hunt rats miners Weavers and other Business owners in Scotland use the tiny Exterminators to keep their workspaces Rodent free because of their compact Size Yorkshires could squeeze into tiny Spaces their Fierce personalities help Them fearlessly take on their rodent Prey like other Terriers the dogs were Also used during hunts to flush out prey Out of its den Change of name The Yorkshire Terrier has undergone a Name change from its original name of Broken-haired Scottish Terriers which Had been its name for nearly a decade The name had originated from its Original home of Scotland but the name Change was proposed by a reporter Angus Sutherland who had they suggestion that The name change was necessary he Believed that although the breed Originated in Scotland it wasn't Perfected until coming to Yorkshire England They ought no longer be called Scotch Terriers but Yorkshire Terriers for Having been so improved there Sutherland Reported in the field magazine people Seem to agree because in 1870s the name Was officially changed

Although Yorkies were first registered With the British Kennel Club in 1874 it Wasn't until 1885 that they were Recognized by the American Kennel Club The smallest dog in history was a Yorkie Although Chihuahuas hold the title the Smallest dog breed in the world it was Actually a Yorkie that holds the title Of the smallest dog ever A Yorkie from the 1940s was barely Bigger than a human fist this Yorkie was 2.8 inches tall at the shoulder and was 3.75 inches long making her the smallest Dog on record Sylvia a Yorkshire Terrier died in 1945 At only two years old at the time she Was two and a half inches tall at the Shoulder and three and a half from tip To tail and weighed only four ounces Making her the smallest dog in recorded History other Yorkies have held the Guinness World Record for the smallest Living dog this included Big Boss who at 4.7 inches held the world record from 1995 to 2000 prior to that another Yorkie Thumbelina had held the record at Five and a half inches tall and eight Inches long By comparison Yorkshire Terriers are Typically about three to seven pounds Although a healthy Yorkie could weigh Even slightly more than that they are Also generally about six to nine inches Tall the smallest dog alive today is a

Four inch chihuahua named Miracle Millie But Millie is still bigger than Sylvia a Yorkshire Terrier who for 70 years has Remained the smallest dog in recorded History War heroes when American Soldier Bill Nguyen found a Yorkshire Terrier in a Foxhole during World War II he named her Smokey and took her it the two traveled Through New Guinea and Smokey soon began To help with the war effort thanks to Her small size and obedience she was Able to run through pipes and stream Communication wires under a former Japanese airstrip without her help Soldiers would have had to dig trenches And expose themselves to enemy fire Smokey also toured hospitals throughout The Pacific and the United States Working as a therapy dog for wounded Soldiers after wartime she and Wynn went To Hollywood where she performed on Various TV shows you can visit a Monument dedicated to her memory where She passed away in Cleveland Ohio U.S army Corporal William Nguyen later Wrote a book about Smokey called Yorkie Doodle Dandy there are six us-based Memorials honoring Smokey including one In the akc's Museum of the dog and one International Memorial in Australia They gave Rapunzel a run for her money Yorkies are known for their long flowing Silky coats which swish around the show

Ring but this beautiful feature is also Incredibly time consuming to care for Because the coat is similar to human Hair it Tangles into knots if the owner Doesn't brush it every day it can also Break easily when brushing against Carpets in the home The bonus is that Yorkies don't have an Undercoat so their coat doesn't shed any More than your hair does Many breeders recommend that owners keep Their pet yorkies in a puppy cut which Is short and easy to maintain Since Yorkies do not shed this means They depend on their owners to keep Their hair in check left unintended Their hair will keep growing just like a Human's would in fact Yorkshire Terrier Hair can grow to be two feet long when The fur becomes matted it will turn into A matted mess that hurts them and has to Be cut out unless a groomer can Painstakingly pull the knots apart this Takes time and Care daily brushing and Keeping them clipped short is often the Best strategy While show dogs tend to have longer hair Most casual owners keep their dog's hair Short to keep them from tripping or Getting food stuck in it one Yorkie was Used to start a new breed entire the Viewer family Gertrude and Werner were Famous German Yorkshire Terrier breeders Who bred some of the world's finest

Yorkies in 1984 a little Yorkie named Schnee flockin Von friedheck who was Born with unusual markings in blue white And gold The Breeders Warner and Gertrude buer Decided to take this unique puppy and Create a new breed with careful and Selective breeding they established a Distinct standard for the breed which Would become known as the viewer Terrier The viewers started carefully breeding This new version of a Yorkie and Carefully established a breeding line Because of their different looks and Adorable characters the new Terriers Became extremely popular especially in The U.S Pretty soon there was a massive demand For these small dogs named in honor of Their creators In 2014 the American Kennel Club Provisionally accepted the New Yorkie as A registered breed and in 2021 these Dogs were fully accepted and registered One coat color the Yorkshire Terrier has One approved coat color unlike many Other breeds a Yorkie has a brown coat And a blue saddle variations are called Party colors party colored dogs are White with black blue and tan it's Recessive and rare Yorkie puppies are Black and tan when born and stay that Way until they begin to become an adult At that point the black gives way to a

Faded silvery blue color that is very Unique their fur grows long and silky as Well most people take their Yorkie to be Groomed and trimmed every six to eight Weeks The Yorkie has jeans unique to the breed Which cause this color change The transition generally starts at about Six months old and will usually be Complete by the time the dog is about One or two although it may take up to Three years Unusual colored dogs have health risks Yorkshire Terrier coat color may take About three years to develop some say Puppies shouldn't compete because They're genuine coat color could Prohibit them from becoming legally Recognized You can count on them to have your back Your kids are small dogs weighing an Average of seven pounds but it seems Like no one told them that the dogs have No problem taking on animals Considerably bigger than them Yorkies Are fearless little guys that can get Themselves into a world of harm if you Don't keep an eye on them in the yard They'll take on big dogs snakes and Anything they see as a threat to their Territory they have no idea they are so Small so do be sure to supervise your Yorkie they are small enough for an owl Or bird of prey to fly off with they

Need your protection to protect them From themselves Judging by their bravery and boldness Yorkies have no clue how small they are Or else they have the confidence not to Let their diminutive size hold them back Loyal to the Bone Yorkies have been Known to protect their owners from any Threat in 2014 a six pound Yorkie in New Jersey even chased off a hungry bear That wandered into the dog's home Yorkie's great sense of hearing helps Them detect visitors long before people Reach the door allowing them to alert Their owners of potential Intruders Unfortunately what the dog views as an Intruder or unwelcome visitor could Really be a friend or other welcome Guest because of this a Yorkie's barking Can get excessive to prevent the dog Sparking from bothering your neighbors And to avoid getting annoyed with your Dog yourself if you have a Yorkshire Terrier it should be trained when not to Bark Celebrity owners many famous people have Had Yorkshire Terriers for example Trisha Nixon Cox daughter of the 42nd President of the United States Richard Nixon was one of them her dog Pasha was a White House resident while Richard Nixon was in office Not only did Patricia Nixon Cox have a Yorkshire Terrier but so did Ivanka

Trump the eldest daughter of the former President of the United States Donald Trump even more Elite people have had Yorkshire Terriers as pets likely Contributing to the breed's continued Popularity among a-listers Audrey Hepburn helped to introduce Yorkshire Terriers to the celebrity world when Mr Famous her first Yorkie joined her in The spotlight her dog was on magazine Covers and even in a scene in funny face With her By bringing Mr famous into the spotlight Hepburn really made Yorkies a popular Four-legged companion as well as a Popular photography companion Hepburn was the first to share a bit of Spotlight with her dog Mr famous and the List only starts there celebrities all Over the U.S are madly in love with These tiny dogs some of the names Include Tom Brady and Gisele Bunch Den Natalie Portman leave Schreiber Miranda Kerr Molly Sims Allison Hannigan and Naomi Watts Yorkie meetups It shouldn't surprise you that Yorkie Owners are crazy about their dogs they Want to show the world their Appreciation so they start at different Groups and clubs dedicated to these Adorable dogs one of the biggest Yorkie Gatherings is organized in New York the Big Apple has a considerable number of These dogs and their owners wanted to

Introduce their dogs to other Yorkies They gather and discuss the breed and Several of them are breeders that found Breeding partners that would help them Improve and create healthy and happy Puppies Yorkies are adaptable and They're non-shedding and hypoallergenic Properties make them ideal dogs to keep In apartments As one of the akc's top 10 breeds year After year Yorkshire Terriers are Popular toy dogs offering a big Personality in a tiny package these are Amazing little dogs that bring joy into Your hearts don't let that tiny size or Big attitude deter you these dogs make Great pets for singles couples and even Families who have older children who Respect the needs of small dogs As with other small dogs Yorkies are Easy to transport eat less food require Smaller beds and toys and adapt to small Homes So there you have it 10 facts about cute Tiny furballs Yorkies thanks so much for Watching young don't forget to subscribe To see our next video about the animals We love best

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