Your dog acts like a child when you need to calm down 🤦‍♂️

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Oh [Music] My God [Music] Oh If you think you're coming inside you Are crazy Go back Why not Wow wow wow what is [Music] Actually gonna fall in Come here Come I'm warning you buddy I told you bud [Music] He said oh no Sit down Try it Though I'm sorry [Music] Thank you [Music] I'll get it for you big boys okay Thank you Behind every strong woman There's a cutie that followed her to the Bathroom [Music] Lillian let me tell you something right Now if she decided she want to turn Pit Bull on you it's on you I'm not getting

In the middle there because I told you Stop growling at that big ass dog What is wrong with you good Thank you Audie you was a good girl Okay people tomorrow morning 10 a.m Santa's coming to town Oh my God Santa here my dog hates when I laugh at Her so she decided to cuss [Laughter] Oh my God oh my God Happy birthday too Happy birthday dude Happy birthday dear Mama Happy birthday to This where you want to be Yeah Say what's up hey say what's up But I feel bad Okay Don't tell your mommy you want to go you Want to go swimming Foreign By the time your mom gets home Now somebody anybody everybody everybody Screwed [Music] I think we can make it the whole day Without you doing something bad Did you already do something bad Um Come on get up here [Music] Is

Oh my God you know what this is really Scary It's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay You're so pretty there's no Thunder It's okay It's okay I love you I love you good you're so confident ah She's so cute Oh she's packing hate

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